There are many reasons why video is by far and away the most effective content to market your business but here’s my favorite reason:

People who watch your company’s video feel as though they know, like and trust you before they’ve even met you.

Someone a whole lot smarter than me, John McWhorter one of America’s most-respected linguists who teaches at Columbia University wrote an op-ed recently on students needing to develop their spoken argument skills. He offered some conclusions that I believe are also relevant to the importance of video in any marketing plan.

McWhorter wrote, “When I have given oral presentations, I reach people more directly than if I’d written everything down for them to read.”

Think about that for a minute. Does your website consist solely of well-written paragraphs describing your capabilities, capacity, services, etc.? That’s all well and good but does it give visitors to your site any real idea of what you’re like or who you are?

McWhorter added, “When people can see your face and hear the melody of your voice, your point gets across more vividly. Language evolved, after all, for face-to-face contact, not rendered as glyphs (pictorial signs or symbols) on paper.”

Bingo, professor. Your company’s marketing video showcases the energy and passion of your team through body language, facial expressions and tone of voice in a way that connects with viewers unlike anything else. Those viewers will feel comfortable doing business with you before your first official meeting because people do business with people they like. Video portrays your company’s culture in a welcoming fashion for potential clients who are looking for the best fit for their projects.

McWhorter says he’s given his students the option to present papers orally, “and often the students who choose speaking make a better case than many of those who opt for writing. They seem to connect more readily to the task of talking than to writing an argument and execute it with more passion.”

Since McWhorter is talking about his students here, this gives us something to think about on a couple of fronts. Is your company looking to attract younger workers, future stars of business in this extremely candidate-friendly job market? Will they best respond to 500 written words or a short recruiting video? And which of those options will be “executed with more passion” and reflect who you really are?

Your business also needs to “connect more readily to the task of talking.” Let your video do the talking for you, 24/7, 365 on all of your platforms.

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