Marketing Madness-Take The Shot!

Many business blogs will quote captains of industry, New York Times best-selling authors and philosophers throughout history from A-Z (Aristotle to Zoroaster if you’re scoring at home).

But this offering comes from the world of sports, from one of that world’s greatest showcases, March Madness, the recently-concluded NCAA basketball tournament.

In the men’s championship game, North Carolina dominated Kansas in the first half as KU’s players seemed hesitant when they had the ball. The second half was an entirely different story as Kansas roared back to victory.

In the post-game show, TBS analyst Kenny Smith was asked why KU turned the game around.
Smith said that unlike how they played in the first half, the Kansas players did not overthink in the second half and took “the first shot, not the first open shot.”

In other words, the Jayhawks attacked the basket when they first saw an opportunity rather than continuing to pass the ball around waiting for a teammate to be wide open to take the “perfect shot.”

I’ve talked to prospective clients about producing videos to promote their businesses and how effectively video reaches target audiences ( but was told “Video sounds like a good idea but not right now, maybe next year. I need to wait until my website and social media platforms are really established and up and running.”

In other words, they were waiting for “the perfect shot.” Your company needs to make the most of your first opportunity to attract new business by using video to tell your story on all of your platforms as soon as they’re launched or upgraded. While you’re waiting for that serendipitous time when all the stars are aligned before you invest in video, chances are your competition is on the attack, using video content to connect with the A-list clients that you had targeted.

I recently had a client balk at starting a video project because “I need to build up my business before I can consider video.” Here, I will draw upon another quote from College hoops. Near the end of the regular season, Marquette trailed Butler late in the game. In the team huddle during a time-out, MU coach Shaka Smart, frustrated by his team’s overly cautious approach resulting in half-hearted attempts to score, told his players, “No more half-shots. You either take it or you don’t!” The players took his advice and rallied to victory.

If you’re still not willing to commit to producing video for your company’s marketing campaign, you’re taking “half-shots.” You’re leaving cash on the table and opening the door for your competition. Don’t hesitate. Video always gives you your best shot.

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