Video Blogs-Six Rules for Success

Including personal video blogs as part of your video marketing content can achieve quick and significant ROI for your business. When watching your videos, potential customers feel as though they know, like and trust you before they’ve even met you. And people do business with people they like. But you’ve got to connect with those viewers to communicate your message. Here are six simple rules for video blog success:

  1. Be Engaging!- Be natural, conversational, be yourself on camera. But you’ve got to bring energy. Viewers identify with people who are passionate about their message. They’ve got to believe that you believe. You don’t need the delivery of a game show host but an approach that is too laid back will be a drawback.
  2. Emphasize your Value Add-Why should people hire you? What will you bring to the table that will add value to a company’s bottom line? This is your elevator speech to be shown on multiple platforms, 24/7, 365. Be specific about what you can do, how you’ll do it and the positive results that will follow.
  3. Don’t bury the lead- Mention your brand name regularly throughout your videos. Have your logo prominently displayed physically (through signage on your “set” or with brand-labelled apparel) and/or electronically inserted by your video editor. Avoid the viewer perception of “that was really good stuff. What company were they talking about?”
  4. Don’t Qualify, Amplify-Never use qualifying words like “kind of,” (and it’s evil twin “sort of”) “I think,” (you don’t think, you know) “try”(don’t try, do!) “usually” and “probably.” Make definitive statements about your brand.
  5. Play to your Strengths- This is closely related to rule #2. Take a minute and determine what elements best define your skill set. Let everyone know exactly why people like working with you. Sell your best stuff!
  6. Don’t Forget to Smile- You want to have a strong presence, reinforcing your position as a thought leader but you also want to project that you are likable and love what you do. But don’t overdo it! The occasional smile or chuckle goes a long way.