Video gets you in The Room

I was talking with a prospective client recently about producing a marketing video to promote his technology company. The business is high tech, somewhat futuristic and takes some explaining in order for clients to “get it” but once they do, they find strong value in its services.

My prospective client balked at investing in video because he didn’t know if that was the best use of his marketing dollars because his sales numbers weren’t where he wanted them to be. He went on to lament that when he and his business partner could get in front of clients face-to-face and clearly define how his technology works, the sales were a “slam dunk.” The problem was, he continued, not getting in The Room enough for that opportunity.

At that point in the conversation, I had to politely state the obvious. A video that explains your process gets you in The Room instantly. And you can target thousands of businesses 24/7. A video link in an introductory e-mail increases the click through rate to a product or service by 96%. If you have a specialized product or service, let a video demonstrate it for you. Viewers will find out everything they need to know, and dazzled by your wonderful personality and on camera presence, will feel like they know, like and trust you before they’ve even met you. And people do business with people they like.

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