Video Testimonials-Old School to New School

When promoting your brand, it’s important for you to carefully and comprehensively list your differentiators and how you add value for your clients. But it’s even better when one of your customers talks about how great you are.

Just about every businessperson I’ve talked to has told me the number one source of growth for their brands has been referrals, satisfied customers telling prospective clients about their wonderful experiences with a particular company.

That can happen the “old school” way where that message is communicated one-on-one in private business conversations or at networking events. That’s still a viable and valuable platform today but the “new school” method gets those referrals out to potentially thousands of prospects around the world and around the clock.

The Value of Video Testimonials

I’ve seen many websites and social media posts that feature client testimonials showcased in printed snippets in quotes and italics. Those are okay but who are these folks saying these terrific things about you?

Seeing and hearing your customers rave about your company, personally experiencing their genuine passion through body language and tone of voice is a far more effective way of having your awesomeness shouted from the rooftops. And high quality video testimonials can be produced quickly, effectively and cost efficiently.

Five Star Video Testimonials-Bang for the Buck

With a little bit of coordination, you can have your video testimonials easily shot in one day. And you don’t need to shoot interviews with 10 or 15 clients. For this scenario, less is often more. Quality beats quantity.

Start by reviewing your client list. To determine the best testimonial candidates, select customers who fall into as many of these categories as possible:

¬ A). They’ve been with you for many years
¬ B). They’ve had the most pronounced positive results from working with you
¬ C). They are personable and would present well on camera
¬ D). They are local and available a reasonable amount of the time (it’s tough to schedule regular national and international business travelers)

If you find enough candidates that check those boxes, you may need to only shoot interviews with three or four clients to provide you with plenty of terrific content for your platforms.

Other Video Testimonial Tips

Diversity is important. Select men and women from different age groups and ethnicities to appeal to the widest demographic audience.

Your company undoubtedly has many positive aspects you’re looking to showcase (flexibility, dependability, quality, cost efficiency, etc.). Make sure the candidates you choose can expound on some or all of those positives and that the candidates cumulatively cover all of them.

Feel free to sit in on the interviews and don’t be afraid to “coach them up,” reminding the candidates to mention your brand name frequently on camera and talk about the specifics of how you and your teammates added value to their bottom line.

You’ve got a great company that has made lots of customers very happy. Have them tell the world about you on camera!

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