Just about everyone has been impacted by COVID-19. One of the biggest impacts? Changing the way we communicate.

We all miss gathering as groups and individuals meeting face-to-face.

But if there is a silver lining in all of this, it’s how quickly so many of us have adapted to virtual technology, meeting via zoom chats and other streaming platforms.

And we’ve discovered there are real benefits to virtual technology, benefits that will be utilized even when the crisis passes. We want to showcase how your non-profit, using this technology and the technical capability our company Concannon Communications can offer, can connect with your target audiences more efficiently and expand your donor base exponentially.

Who can benefit from this technology?

Many non-profits who had to postpone their annual fundraising events are turning to virtual galas to connect with their donors and make the Big Ask. While in-person banquets can accommodate up to a few hundred people, the audience for a virtual gala (promoted smartly on multiple platforms) is unlimited, attracting thousands of potential donors. And virtual galas can continue in conjunction with in-person events when it’s safe to congregate going forward, one doesn’t preclude the other.

Our live streaming technology would also work well to facilitate live audience question and answer sessions with leaders of organizations during regularly scheduled meetings, providing valuable interactive access to C-level team members.

Our Capabilities

We basically provide a “mobile studio” which generates a high level of production value featuring the ability to:

¬ Switch between shots of up to four cameras.
¬ Provide broadcast quality audio for all speakers.
¬ Insert text (including name titles, talking points, etc.) on screen.
¬ Insert video, still pictures, documents or graphics.
¬ Insert a visual background or logo in a green screen.
¬ Facilitate interactive chat as viewers can submit questions or observations during the presentation.
¬ We can also stream your event virtually, patching into your system. We don’t need to be on site.

Bang for the Buck

In addition to streaming events live, we can record these presentations and then select short quality excerpts to be re-purposed on websites, social media, e-mail blasts, etc. Fresh content reigns supreme and our recordings capture large amounts of content while making the most of your marketing dollars.

Concannon Communications will work with you and your team in planning and executing the live stream event. We’ll help your organization produce a high quality presentation to connect with donors and the important people in your network effectively and cost efficiently. We’d love to work with you and look forward to hearing from you…

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