We’re all frequently using the word “pivot” in terms of adjusting to the new reality in these unprecedented times. Often, what that means is turning a negative situation into a positive scenario, finding the elusive “silver lining.”

COVID-19 has left millions of Americans unemployed. Many workers have been furloughed and could be recalled when their companies ramp up but sadly, there are legions of top-flight professionals whose positions and/or companies have been wiped out by the pandemic.

There is no question this presents massive challenges for a vast group of individuals. But it also means an opportunity for businesses looking for A-list employees which in turn can create opportunities for folks looking for the right fit as they re-enter the job market. The available talent pool today is arguably bigger than ever. Companies searching for the best people and the long term success that results from bringing those prospects onboard should be focusing on recruiting to strengthen their teams.

Businesses that recruit most successfully know how to tell their stories. The best way to tell your story? Video, which showcases why your company is a great place to work more effectively than and other medium.

Does your company offer competitive pay and benefit packages?

Are you a multi-generational family business that treats everyone like family?

Are there several employees at your company whose family has been employed there for generations?

Are there great opportunities for advancement?

Does everyone at your company have the ability to provide input that is taken seriously regardless of their position?

Do you offer a solid work/life balance?

However many of these scenarios describe your business, there is a video that can tell that particular story. And when your story is displayed on multiple platforms, it can be a great recruiting tool. See the links below for specific examples. We’d love to talk with you about utilizing video marketing to attract superstar talent for your team.


For more insight on video best practices:

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