Hit the Trifecta in 2021! Three critical steps for your best Marketing Video.

Your company soldiered through 2020 and looks forward to a more promising landscape in the new year. You’re able to re-focus on marketing and messaging. Great! Video is the best way to effectively connect with prospects (https://youtu.be/W9NrDnTuSe8) but without these three elements, your story won’t resonate with your target audience.

***Your story needs to be unique and memorable. What sets your company apart from your competition? Sure, you’ve got great customer service, professional expertise, flexibility and capabilities but guess what? So do your competitors.

You certainly want to mention all of these attributes in your marketing video but what makes you different from everybody else? Maybe you’re a third or fourth generation family business with an intriguing history or you’ve hired employees from three generations of the same family? Do you work with clients who are household names? (some of our recent videos showcased clients who worked with McDonald’s, M&M’s and Sikorski Helicopters). Take a close look at all aspects of your company and find those differentiators. This is the material prospective clients remember and that will set your company apart in a sea of noise populated by countless posts on a gazillion platforms.

***Your story needs to move people. The number one goal of your video is to get prospects to know, like and trust you before they’ve even met you. You want to impress viewers with your company’s wherewithal, track record and industry standing but don’t let your story get bogged down in shop-talk minutia. People do business with people they like. Give them a chance to like you. Your business is much more than your job, it’s who you are. Make sure that personality and passion that drive you and your team is highlighted throughout your story.

There’s an old saying, “Capture the heart and the mind will follow.” A video doesn’t have to detail every single aspect of your business. Get viewers to like you first and encourage them to visit your website (a call to action at the end of the video) if they want to take a deeper dive into all of your products and services.

***Your story needs to provide an answer. You’ve established why you’re unique and gotten viewers to like you but what are the challenges your clients face and how can you help them? How do you provide value? Be specific. In the Kingdom of Business, ROI wears the crown and everything else is its loyal servant. Customer video testimonials detailing different success stories among your clients are most effective here.

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