Staying Power! How Marketing Video helps companies, before, during and after the sale.

***Before The Sale

Who is your biggest target for any sale? A decision-maker. If you can connect directly with a decision-maker on your first foray, congratulations! You are among the happy few. Chances are there are a couple of gatekeepers guarding the inner sanctum deciding which pitches are presentable to the powers-that-be.

A video will give you an exponentially better chance of getting into that inner sanctum, getting into “The Room.” A video link in an introductory e-mail increases the click through rate to a product or service by 96%. Let’s face it. Our biggest enemy in the sales process is the “delete” key (on email or voice-mail). “Delete” means “Defeat.” “Video” often leads to “Victory.”

***During The Sale

Your company is now using video to promote the brand and it’s paying off big time. The metrics don’t lie.

-Landing pages with video have up to 800% more conversions than the same page without video.

-Visitors who watch a video on a website are 85% more likely to buy.

-Viewers of online video are 64% more likely to purchase a product promoted by a video.

But while metrics are nice, balm for the souls of the actuarially inclined, there is a slightly less analytical but much more emotionally-powerful reason video is helping you crush your sales goals: People do business with people they like. Your company’s video resonates personally with viewers who feel as though they know, like and trust you before they’ve even met you. That connection doesn’t happen without video.

***After The Sale

Business is booming as your video content is helping you convert multiple sales opportunities every day. But like every effective company leader, you’re looking to the future. How you’re marketing yourselves today, will that approach be as effective next year, five or ten years from now? How will potential customers change the way they process information over the next decade? What will be the most effective platforms? Will Facebook and Twitter be replaced by platforms no one’s even thought of yet?

All great questions that can keep team leaders up at night but if your company continues to use video in its marketing campaigns, you can rest easy. Because whatever the platform landscape looks like in the years ahead, video will always be the most effective content to use on those platforms. The message outlets may change but the best way to connect with your message won’t. That’s the Staying Power of Video!

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